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Rebecca Shepard Music


We are manifesting funds for our next albums, and part of this process is asking our community for help. 

We wish the paychecks from creating art, were equal to the work that goes in. If that were the case "Starving Artist" would not be a phrase. 

While we are not quite starving, we do need the financial support of our community in order to continue to provide the art that you love.  

So we come to you, in a spirit of love and are asking for your support. 

Here's how you can help!

Next to this paragraph are several buttons. We encourage you to "Shop" and purchase our music. You can listen for free, and we ask that you help show your support by helping to increase our sales statistics. This is an important metric for expanding our portfolio. 

If you can, we also ask that you donate to our projects by clicking the "Donate" button. Each donation or purchase we receive puts us closer to our goal. And while we do not get paid at this point, the studio, the manufacturers, the sound engineers, and all of the other professionals we must hire, do require upfront payment for their services. 

You can also share this page, the more traffic we receive, the higher our site statistics. And the more opportunity to share our art with the world. Click on the Share button on the right to share this on Facebook, or copy the link from the address bar at the top.

So help by shopping, donating, or sharing... You have so many choices its hard to miss this chance. 

With Love, 

Rebecca's Supportive Music Team

P.S.   If you are viewing this on a mobile device, the buttons will work the same, but you will find them below this text.

We welcome you to experience the uplifting sounds that have been created by Rebecca Padzieski-Shepard, and we are excited that you are here. 

For Rebecca, the goal has always been to provide uplifting, spiritual healing to those who love to celebrate the love that is life. 

With thought and consideration placed upon each and every note, and each and every word, the end results are of a beauty that can only be heard. 

Rebecca Padzieski-Shepard’s professional music career began at 15 when at that time she was the youngest member of the local musicians union. Her music career includes four Symphonies from Monterey to Anchorage, numerous String Quartets and Orchestra pits, Choir Director, Music Director, Private Teacher, Singer/Songwriter, Night Club Drummer and “lounge” Singer, studio musician, workshop leader, Satsang Circle / Kirtan leader…  and has spanned over 4 decades. With two self produced albums behind her and a rather extended gap in albums she’s back in the recording, writing and arranging mode with a new perspective on life that is reflected in the lyrics. Her music has always been “positive” with the intent of being “uplifting” and nurturing to the heart, mind and soul. While her lyrics now reflect more of a personal story and experience of life, the core message is still the same - we are beautiful, we are limitless, we are love and in charge of our own joy, we all deserve the best of everything and if we believe that who we are right now is some how not good enough than we need to “Stop It” cause there is some “deception in our perception”. 

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